Possible Causes Of Sexual Impotence

Sex life is related to different aspects of the presence of men and women, issues that interfere with the satisfaction that can be achieved in this sphere of life. Already some sexologists have mentioned that sexuality is not only what is done in bed (or wherever you want), but also has to do with how to relate to yourself and your partner. Interfering then relational aspects, psychological and even biological, this time we will refer to the latter.

The liver and sexual health

The liver is a stellar organ in bodily functioning, to the extent that all organs directly or indirectly require liver function and the sexual organs are no exception.

When the function of the liver is affected, and certain substances such as bilirubin and transaminases increase a series of discomforts such as decay, leg pain, digestive disorders and sexual disorders, specifically loss of desire and impotence.

Liver damage can be caused by many entities, the most common being alcohol, overweight, and infections, some of them of a venereal type such as Hepatitis B.

In general, recovery is related to the cause, for example, the Patient will not recover if the injury is by liquor and does not stop taking.

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