Penis Size by Country

One of the early lessons that a boy learns, is that not all penis sizes are the same.  In fact, there would be differences in shape and size from the ideal one and it is more or less an accepted fact of life.  If ever a strong part to the penis shape then it would be the basic genetic makeup of the individual more than anything else.  However, for the skeptics, it would be in order that a penis size chart is made available for easy reference.

The very idea of the chart is to act as a confidence booster to those with a feeling that they are not well endowed. The size of the member is rarely a factor when it comes to performing the manly duties are concerned and it is more of a psychological thing than any real physical issue.

Understanding the issues with the size of the penis

When the individual does take the courage to visit a doctor with a complaint that his manhood is not large enough or that it is not long enough; the first step that a doctor takes is to reassure the patient.  Often a simple man to man talk should put the doubting individual at ease but in the eventuality that a person is not entirely convinced of the matter, the next best thing would be to make the argument sound convincing by referring to a good penis size chart.

The best of charts to bring to the viewer the relation to the body size and the size of the penis.  Often the larger structured person does tend to have a larger penis but this is not a hard and fast rule.

Penis Size Improve Relationship

The role of the penis in relationships

It must be said of the penis that it does play an important role in man-woman relationships.  But often people tend to focus on this the least significant part in a relationship that the wider issues that tend to relate to couples are lost.  If a comparative study were to be performed on the size of the penis and the failure rate of people with small members to be able to create offspring, it would be very evident that the size of the penis has little to contribute towards the success of relationships or even the ability to make children.

For all practical purposes, the penis is the smallest contributor to the success of a man-woman relationship and there are greater contributors to the success of a relationship.  With each couple, the fine role played out by the penis size can be said to be different.  It is at best situational and in many ways a contributor to the immediate society that the couple finds themselves in.

At the very best, the size of the penis is the matter between the man and woman in a relationship.  It should be left to the individuals in the union to find ways and means to make the instrument function in its role rather than seek out help from the outside.

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